Unauthorized Usage Reports

Unauthorized Usage Reports

The Unauthorized Usage Report allows you to easily identify unauthorized trips made with the vehicle.

To use this Report, first navigate to the Reports section. Once on the Reports screen, select "Unauthorized Usage":


Unlike other Reports, the Unauthorized Usage Report allows you to select multiple vehicles from your vehicle list. Select one by simply clicking on it. Select multiple vehicles by holding down the Ctrl button while left clicking (Ctrl + left click) the desired vehicle nicknames. 


Use the Start and End fields to select the date range you wish to run the report for. In the section labeled "Authorized Usage Time Block:" enter the date and time range that the vehicle is AUTHORIZED to be used. If you wish to enter multiple dates and times, select "Add Another Time Block" (ex: 01/12/2017 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM, 01/13/2017 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM.)


Once all desired vehicles, Authorized Usage Time Blocks, and the date range for the Report are selected, click "Search" on the bottom of the screen. The Report will show any trips taken outside the Authorized Usage Time Block, thus denoting trips that were not authorized.