OBD Replicator Cable Installation


You can watch the following video, and/or use the written instructions below: 

Replicator_2.JPG 1) Locate your vehicle’s OBD-II port. It will be located under the dashboard on the driver's side of the vehicle.
Replicator_3.JPG 2) Remove the vehicle’s original OBD-II port from its bracket by unscrewing the two (2) screws or bolts located on each side of the port. If your vehicle's OBD port is not held in by screws, remove the port by pressing in the clips located on either side or the back or the port.
  3) Connect the receiving end of the harness directly to the vehicle’s original OBD port.
Replicator_4.JPG 4) Select the new OBD port that best matches your vehicle’s original port. Using the same screws previously removed, connect the new OBD port to your vehicle’s bracket. If your OBD port does not require screws, the new port will simply clip into the location of the original OBD port.  Note that the wider end of the port should be on top.

5) Connect your MT-OBD Live GPS Tracker to one of the free ports. Be sure to check that there are lights illuminating on your device.


  6) Tuck the harness underneath your vehicle’s dashboard using the provided zip ties to hold in place.