GL300 Hibernator Case + Extended Battery

The GL300 combined with the Hibernator Case provides up to 60 days of use without recharging. The case includes a 15000mAh battery and a high force magnet to assist in mounting under a vehicle or onto heavy equipment or other metallic surfaces.

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Charging - To charge the extended battery, plug it into the provided wall charger (please note this will be different from the wall charger for the device). Be certain to use provided wall charger ONLY. The provided wall charger will show a red light while charging. The light will turn green once charging is complete. Total charge time is approximately 8-9 hours.

Using with Hibernator Case and Extended Battery - Plug the extended battery into the charging port on the side of the device using the mini USB plug. Place the battery inside the Hibernator case, and place the device on top of it. Make sure that none of the cables are hanging past the edges of the Hibernator case and that the battery is securely plugged into the device and the device lights are clearly illuminated. Close the lid of the Hibernator case carefully, and secure the lid with the clear plastic clip.

The device will automatically switch ON when connected to the external battery, and will automatically switch OFF when disconnected. Once connected to the external battery the device will remain ON until either the battery is depleted or until the device is disconnected from the external battery. Once disconnected from the external battery the device will switch OFF instantly without reporting any further information.

The Hibernator Case features a high-power magnet. The case can be attached to any magnetic surface. When placing the Case be sure that it is placed on a clean, flat surface to lessen the possibility of loss. No warranty is made that the case will remain on the subject surface if it is placed in a poor position or is subjected to extreme conditions.