Roadside Assistance

We are happy to announce that the MasTrack Roadside Assistance program has been added and is available for free with any Premium 12 month plan. Whether you experience a mechanical breakdown, a flat tire, a dead battery, locked the keys in the car, or you've run out of gas, MasTrack's 24-7 Roadside Assistance Hotline will dispatch a qualified professional to help keep your driver safe and get them back on the road. 

Simply call this phone number and reference your Membership ID (may also be referred to as Policy Number) in order to request Roadside Assistance once it has been set up: 

(877) 412-0076


How To Set Up Roadside Assistance - 

1. Log in to your account on, and go to My Account then select Roadside Assistance.


2. On the Roadside Assistance page, select your device from the drop down menu.

3. Next fill out your driver information, as well as the information for a qualifying vehicle, you wish to cover. When done, select "Add Driver".


Your driver and vehicle are now covered under your subscription's Roadside Assistance and they may call (877)-412-0076 for Roadside Assistance. When calling, the driver will need to reference their Member ID (may also be referred to as Policy Number).

Upgrading Roadside Assistance - 

You can upgrade your Roadside Assistance to cover your Driver in any vehicle for an additional $10.00 per year. 

To upgrade, log in to your account and go to My Account and then Roadside Assistance. If you have already set up your Roadside Assistance, you will see options to "Update", "Upgrade", or "Delete".


If you do not see these options, be sure to follow the directions above in order to set up your Roadside Assistance.

Select "Upgrade", and you will be prompted to confirm if you would like to Upgrade your Roadside Assistance.


Select "OK" and your Roadside Assistance will be upgraded.


Roadside Assistance offers:


Should your vehicle not be fit to operate safely under its own power following a mechanical breakdown, it shall be towed to the nearest, appropriate repair facility or any destination with up to $100 in towing charges. Flatbed service shall be available.

Battery Boost / Cold Weather Starting

Roadside Assistance will provide a jump start.

Fuel Delivery

A supply of fuel shall be delivered to enable you to reach the nearest available service station. Delivery of the fuel is at no charge, however the fuel is charged at pump price.

Tire Changes

A service provider shall change your flat and install the inflated and usable spare tire. In the event the spare tire is unusable, the vehicle shall be towed to the nearest, appropriate repair facility.

Lockout Service

A service provider shall be dispatched to open the vehicle.

Winch/Pull Out

Service Provider shall arrange to have a customer’s vehicle winched when necessary. Vehicle must be in a location that can be safely reached from a normally traveled road. Service is covered up to 1 hour.

*Coverage for each Service occurrence is limited to $100.00 of provider’s cost in providing the Service with the customer paying any additional cost of a Service occurrence. Each eligible and enrolled MasTrack customer is permitted four (4) Service occurrences every twelve (12) months. Motor vehicles excluded are those over 1 ton capacity, camping trailers, and any unit in tow

*Each eligible MasTrack GPS Service subscription may be assigned one driver to receive the Roadside Assistance service at no charge. Additional drivers may be added for a fee. Drivers must be added and/or assigned to an eligible subscription prior to a Roadside Assistance event in order for Roadside Assistance Services to be rendered.