Maintenance Alerts

Maintenance Alerts allows you to schedule alerts for various maintenance tasks for your vehicle such as oil changes, tire rotation, or tune ups. These can be scheduled according to a set time, and/or a set number of miles.

Creating a Maintenance Alert

To set Maintenance Alerts, select the Maintenance tab.


This will open the Maintenance Alerts page. Here you can view your previously set Maintenance Alerts by vehicle, and add new ones.

To add new alerts, select the "+ Add New" button.


This will open the New Alert page.


You will select the desired device from the drop down menu by nickname.

Next, you will enter the Maintenance Alert name. It is recommended that you use the type of Maintenance you will want to perform, such as "Oil Change".

You will then add the Miles Needed and/or Time Needed to generate the alert.

Next, you can enter a lower number of miles if you would like the first alert to be sent sooner than the normal interval. For example, if you want the oil changed every 3000 miles, but the vehicle is currently 500 miles away from its normal oil change, you can enter "500" into the Miles to First Alert field to have the first alert be sent after the vehicle travels 500 miles rather than 3000.

Finally, enter your email address that you want the Maintenance Alert to be sent to, and select "Save".

Editing a Maintenance Alert

To edit your Maintenance Alerts, select Maintenance. On the Maintenance page, select the nickname of the desired device from the list. You will see all maintenance alerts for the selected device listed.


Select "Edit" to change all Maintenance Alerts attributes, and then you can Save/Delete the alert, or select Cancel to make no changes.