Hardwired Troubleshooting

In order to determine what issue may be preventing your device from reporting please see troubleshooting instructions below.

Please confirm that your MT-121/131 is securely wired into the vehicle. It should be wired according to the connections located in the Quick Start Guide.

If so then please complete the following steps:

Remove the device from it's harness for 10 seconds or longer then reconnect it directly to the port.

To test for power check to make sure that the lights on the device are illuminating. Please note that if it is not very dark near the device you may need to cup your hand under the device and look for the light to reflect off the palm of your hand.

If you do not see any lights illuminating whatsoever within 10 to 30 seconds then the device has no power. Refer to the document attached below to ensure your harness is wired to the proper locations.

If you do see lights illuminating then please look for the blue light, and follow the steps below.

MT-121 LED Indicators


The LED Indicators on your Hardwired device can provide useful information for diagnosing any potential problems with your device. The LEDs may be dim, so when checking, it can be useful to shade the device so the lights may be seen more clearly.

Green - This LED indicates GPS Satellite signal, as well as power to the device. A solid light means the device is searching for signal. A blinking light means the device has a GPS Lock. No light means the device may not be receiving power.

Blue - This LED indicates Cell Signal to the device, which the device uses to transmit its live and recorded GPS data. To know how to properly diagnose your device, use the first two letters or numbers of your device's serial number and the list below:

VK - VM - VB

The Blue light blinking once every second means the device is searching for Cell signal. A light blinking once every three seconds means the device has a good Cell signal.

PD - PK - AV - NN

If the Blue light alone is not blinking, or flashing rapidly, this means the device is searching for Cell signal. A light blinking once every second means the device has a good Cell signal.